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It is a mixture of special chemical and hardner for installation of all type of tilequarry tile, bricks and paver on internal floor of commercial plants kitchens, beverage plants and food processing plants. Ideal for moisture sensitive marble, can be used on metals.

  • Advantage: Ideal for fixing tiles & can be used over metals, fast setting , superior bonds strength.
  • Applications: Commercial kitchens restaurant, food processing area also recommended for rubber flooring, wood block floors. Also for installation for green marble, white marble, agglomerated marbles that have tendency to stain, darken, warp when installed with water base installation material.
  • Coverage: Varies in accordance with the size type of tile installed.
  • Colour: Grey and White
  • Packaging: 5kg
  • Unit: Consist of 3 pack component – hardner, resin and filler powder
  • Suitable Surface : Resin back tiles, mosaic stones, agglomerates