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Home Pride Screed is Special Polymer base mixture of Natural mineral Portland Cement & other filler. It is formulated to use with water and aggregate to produce strong water retaining and self curing Screed for interior & exterior use. It's meets comprehensive, tensile and flexural strength.

1. One Component is supplied as concentrate (Screed)

2. Other Component other component aggregate

3. Adjust competing final finish require

4. Flatten and seal the surface using float

5. Can install tile and stone flooring after 48 hours

6. Thickness of screed is 8 to 60mm

For wet System slury bond adhesive is recommended:

  • Advantage: Water retaining, self curing, no shrinkage, Shock and impact resistant high strength.
  • Suitable Surface : Cement mortar bed, cement tarrazzo, concreate.
  • Packaging: 25 Kg.