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Water Proofing

Home Pride Two Component Water Proofing is a high performance acrylic polymer modified cementitious membrane coating for under tile waterproofing. It helps safeguard against water penetration as it provides high resistance against long term weathering and is high performer in every climatic condition.

  • Advantage: It protects gypsum ,cementitious boards and concrete against water penetration. Its elastomeric quality makes it flexible enough to fill up hairline cracks. It is economical, non-toxic, durable and can easily be applied both internally as well as externally.
  • Applications: It can be applied on fiber cement board, glazed surface, cast concrete, plaster board, moisture resistant grade plaster board . For best results apply it after priming the surface and allow Two Component Water Proofing to dry completely for 3 days before tiling the surface.
  • Coverage: Approximately.
  • Colour: Grey Certification
  • Suitable Surface : Gypsum ,cementitious boards, glazed surface, cast concrete, plaster board,moisture resistant grade plaster board.
  • Packaging: 1 Kg. (Component A) & 2/4 Kg. Component (B) Aggregate.