Admixtures are artificial or natural materials added to the concrete besides cement, water and aggregate to improve certain property of concrete during casting or setting or service stage.

To improve the properties of the concrete required. It can be divided in 2 groups that is:

  • Chemical
  • Mineral

As explained above, admixtures are added to modify concrete properties. Major functions and advantages of using admixtures are detailed below.

  • To improve work-ability of fresh concrete
  • To improve durability by entrainment of air
  • To reduce the water required
  • To accelerate setting & hardening & thus to produce high early strength
  • To aid curing
  • To impart water repellent / water proofing property
  • To cause dispersion of the cement particles when mixed with water
  • To retard setting
  • To improve wear resistance (hardness)
  • To offset / reduce shrinkage during setting & hardening
  • To cause expansion of concrete and automatic prestressing of steel
  • To aerate mortar / concrete to produce a light-weight product
  • To impart colour to concrete
  • To offset or reduce some chemical reaction
  • To reduce bleeding
  • To reduce the evolution of heat

Home Pride 3333 Polymer

Home Pride 3333 is a concerate polymer which is diluted with water on site and can be mixed with Cement,Sand or Adhesive any cement plaster,Coating mortar beds and screed.It improves the strength and can be use in interior and exterior applications also.

Increases comprehensive strength,flexible,durable and water resistant.

5 Ltr & 20 Ltr.

Can also be use as primer for dry wall board for tilling and screed.

Home Pride 93 Crete Admixture

Home pride Create Admixture 93 is a polymer modified to be use with powder adhesive to increase comprehensive strength, flexibility, compared to conventional adhesive and Portland cement . This increases strength is extremely widen to install vitrified tile and Quarry tile & paver and other ceramic tiles in area such as external façade, industrial plant, swimming pool, Heavy traffic area.

Highly flexible, shock and impact resistance, high comprehensive strength, exceeds Indian type 2 and ANSI Standard.

Approximately 55 to 50 sq ft per five ltr. mix with 20 Kg Bag Home Pride 101 Create filler Powder / Adhesive using ¼ ” X ¼ ‘ (6mm X 6 mm) sq notch trowel for bed of 3 mm.

5 Ltr & 20 Ltr Cane

Home Pride Grout Admixture

Home pride Grout Admixer is polymer modified with other chemical to produce liquid Admixture. Which when mixed with sanded and unsanded grout gives high strength non porous grouts. Which exceeds strength of normal grout and makes grout water repellent flexible & non porous.

Colour fast, flexible , Comphrensive strength, shock and chemical resistant reduced water absorption, Easy to clean.

It improves the performance of cement grout.

Varies by application

100 ml , 200 ml, 400ml, 5 ltr., 20 ltr.,

Home Pride Shield Concrete Admixture

It is acrylic modified polymer with some chemical which has vast properties to make concrete strong enough so that there is no room left for any short coming of plain cement or concrete particularly its poor adhesion property,low impact strength,low flexural strengtgh.It enhances strength of cement slurry/mortar/concrete making them excellent choice for use in new construction as well as renovation works.

Superior bond to cement single component for many uses.

concrete,concrete masonry cement mortar bed,cement plaster.

20 Ltr,50 Ltr & 200 Ltr