Walling materials are important because it plays an immense role in the total cost of the building, life cycle cost, and energy content.  Not only the cost but also, the roof and wall material is important in reducing the external heat gain, they are our third skin. Comparing different walling materials, however, also ranking those walling materials is the extended objective of this research. Then this study would help the funding agencies and general public to understand the real value when selecting walling materials for their affordable houses and choose on the best suitable material considering the embedded energy and total life cycle cost.

The materials you use for the walls in your home will affect how your home looks (both inside and out), how it will stand up to fires, wind and physical stress, and how energy efficient your home is as a whole.

Home Pride Wall Plaster

Home Pride wall plaster is a unique single product based on polymer and graded aggregate & chemicals make a perfect plaster can be used in exterior and interior. It is water resistant. It is fine and close pour of wall and provided smooth and dry wall plaster.

Less water curing Save Time, Easy to use, cost saving Environmental friendly.

Interior & Exterior.

Approx. 10-14 sqftg / 30 kg bag.

Grey / White.

30 kg & 50 kg.

Home Pride Thin Bed Plaster

It is a ready-mix plaster based on polymer and graded aggregate  chemicals which makes it waterproofing plaster when mixed with water.It is layer of 3 and 4 mm which is sufficient enough for plastering of surface.

  • Need no curing save time
  • Easy to use

Interior & Exterior.

AAC Block,Concrete,Sand Plaster,Old scrap surface

100 sq.ft. approx. 30kg bag at 3mm

Grey and White.

40 kg.

Home Pride Gypsum Plaster Elite30 Silver

Home Pride gypsum plaster is polymer hemihydrates based product, which gives excellent bonding on surfaces, Smooth finish, good work ability and good setting. It can be applied internalize on Brick, Block, Cement plaster.

On all internal surface, Brick, Block, Cement plaster, etc.

Approx – 65-68 m2 / 1000 kg at 13 mm bed thickness.

25 kg & 50 kg.

Home Pride Gold Gypsum Plaster Elite90 Gold

Home Pride gold gypsum plaster is based on gypsum and graded aggregate, chemical, polymer. Make is suitable plaster for application on Brick, Block Cement sand plaster. It gives wall a smooth & aesthetic finish.

Excellent bonding, strong & durable, no water curing, no shrinkage and crack.

All internal surface, brick, block, sand plaster RCC surface.

Approx 72-75 m2 / 1000 kg at 13 mm bed thickness.

Home Pride Wall Putty

Home Pride wall putty is a single pack unique formula based on polymer, cement, chemical and waterproofing properties. For use on cement plaster on both interior and exterior walls. Due to its unique quality it enhances the life of paints.

  • Easy to apply,
  • Water resistant,
  • durable
  • Does not allow paint to flake.

It covers appox 16 to 20 sqft per kg for 2 coats maintaining a maximum thickness of 1.5 mn on smooth plaster surface.

40 kg, 20 kg, 5 kg & 1 kg.

Home Pride Course Wall Putty

Home Pride Course Wall Putty is a world class product based on polymer,cement chemical and fine graded mineral.It is used for making uneven surface even and smooth.It can be use in interior as well as exterior.

  • Easy to apply,
  • Water resistant,
  • durable
  • Does not allow paint to flake.

Home Pride putty covers approx 10to 11 sq.ft. per kg 2mm thickness coverage depending on surfaces.

40 kg, 20 kg.